Close up of NAA-KS Logo on NEWT
Close up of NAA-KS
logo on NEWT's uniform cap.
photo by Dan Desko

Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, I get asked questions. Some of these questions are about the B-25 or the NAA-K B-25 Bomber Builders Newsletter. I am also starting to get questions about the B-25 History project. I will try to answer some of the more frequent and pertinent questions here on this page.

Does the NAA-K B-25 Bomber Builders Newsletter still exist? Well, yes and no. The organization no longer sends out a newsletter. This is mainly due to attrition. The B-25 bomber first flew in 1940 which makes the average age of the remaining bomber builders in excess of 85. Fewer and fewer of them remain. Having said that, I still represent the newsletter and the goals my grandfather set so many years ago. This site is part of that commitment.

Is this site run by the CAF? No. The B-25 History Project is a separate, self-sufficient organization not funded by the CAF or any other organization. I am responsible for all of the content on this website. Having said that, many of the people working on this project are proud members of the CAF - and they should be. The CAF is a great organization and I highly recommend and support it. Without the CAF and similar organizations, none of this would be possible.

Can I donate to the B-25 History Project? Yes! Simply click the Donate button to the left. The B-25 History Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Ultimately we would like to fund the addition of B-25 bombers to every local airshow. In dreamland, that B-25 would be our own. I already have a long list of fundraising ideas.

How did the B-25 History Project start? I have known Jim for years. We met in the early days of the newsletter. He was the one that restored the B-25 vertical tail and rudder assembly that is now on display at the Wyandotte County Historical Museum. When my grandfather announced he would no longer write the newsletter, we both discussed picking up where he left off. Ultimately, we decided not to continue the newsletter. We were brought back together to work on another B-25 project and this time it just seemed right.

What is your affiliation with the "Wyandotte County Historical Museum"? The B-25 History Project is not directly affiliated with the Wyandotte County Historical Museum. We are an independent organization started with the intent to honor the history of the B-25 and the men and women who built, flew, and maintain them; past, present, and future. The Bomber Builders and the Museum go way back. The first reunion was organized by the museum. Over the years, hundreds of artifacts pertaining to the bomber builders have been collected by the museum. We are working with the museum to bring that history to you.

OK, I have read one of your articles. Does that mean I know everything? Not at all! We are constantly learning about the B-25. The goal of this site is to consolidate all the information we can to tell the story of the B-25 bomber. As we learn more, we will add the new information to existing stories. This process takes time as we collect, verify and sort the information we have into something we feel useful to you.

How do I get involved? This is an easy one - just show up.