B-25C-1-NA SN 41-13251
B-25C-1-NA SN 41-13251

B-25C-1-NA SN 41-13251


The B-25C-1-NA SN 41-13251 was delivered on September 30, 1942. She was sent to the Kansas City modification center for unknown modifications, arriving on October 9, 1942. Her first assignment was to the Air Training Command at Greenville AAF, South Carolina for pilot and crew training, assigned to the 334th Bomb Group. The 334th Bomb Group was initially organized as a replacement group for B-25 crews, but was eventually disbanded in 1944 and the training duties taken over by local base units. After a year at Greenville, she was transferred to Eglin Field, Florida where she was attached to the armament testing organization. Later she was attached to Drew AAF, Florida for additional administrative and training time. She was finally transferred to Lackland AAF, Texas where she was attached to the 506th Flight Training Group. This unit was used to qualify pilot instructors before sending them to training assignments. In February l944 she was assigned to Brooks Field, Texas where she finished out the war with the base administrative unit. In December l945 she was flown to storage at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas as war surplus. She was declared surplus and available for disposal on December 6, 1945. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
10/09/1942 Kansas City, MO Modifications
11/14/1942 Greenville AAF, SC 334 Bomb Group, ATC
08/15/1943 Eglin Field, FL Training Command
09/16/1943 Drew Field, FL 330 Base Unit
11/27/1943 Lackland AAF, TX 506 Fighter Group
01/29/1944 Lackland AAF, TX 352 Base Unit
02/05/1944 Brooks Field, TX 2510 Base Unit
12/06/1945 Walnut Ridge, AR Surplus

She was purchased by Texas Railway Equipment Corporation of Houston, Texas on September 13, 1946. She was sold in December of 1947 to Robert Harlow of Houston Texas. Her initial civil registration of NL75635 was assigned in December of 1947. In April of 1949, she was sold to Al Gruff of Dallas, Texas. She was sold to the Dominican Republic Air Force or FAD in l949 and was assigned the FAD serial 2503. Little is known of her use or that of the other B-25s that were operated by the FAD. Reports indicate they were normally used for administrative duties. In January of 1952, she was sold by the FAD to Charles Mathews and Company of Miami, Florida. They sold her in July of 1952 to the Babb Company of Newark, New Jersey. Her current registration of N3968C was assigned in July of 1952. She was sold in January of 1953 to Hughes Tool Company of Houston, Texas. In 1953, she was converted into an executive transport for the company. The modifications included a toilet, sink, and bed, storage in the bomb bay, extra fuel tank, rear doors and other items suited for a corporate aircraft. After the modification, she was operated for a couple of years with the Hughes Company but was not flown after l955. In July of 1974, she was transferred to Antelope Valley Aero Museum of Lancaster, California. She was stored as a derelict at William J. Fox Field through the 80's. The museum changed it's name to the Milestones of Flight Museum. In August of 2015, she was sold to San Simeon Air LLC of San Francisco. Current information suggests she may be restored to airworthy condition in the VIP transport configuration from her time with the Hughes Tool Company. There is a long road ahead of the restoration crew as she does have some corrosion issues. She is currently being restored by two of the most respected warbird restoration companies in the United States.

  • Model: B-25C-1-NA
  • Serial Number: 41-13251
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 82-5886
  • FAA Registration: N3968C
  • Mfg. Plant: Inglewood, California
  • Completion Date: September 1942
  • Delivery Date: September 30, 1942
  • Status: Restoration
  • Owner: San Simeon Air LLC
  • Location: Breckenridge, TX
  • Website: n/a
  • Notable info: Once owned by Howard Hughes. One of just a few remaining B-25C-NA airframes remaining.


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