B-25J-30-NC SN 44-31173 "Huaira Bajo"
B-25J-30-NC SN 44-31173 "Huaira Bajo"

B-25J-30-NC SN 44-31173 "Huaira Bajo"


The B-25J-30-NC SN 44-31173 under restoration as "Huaira Bajo" was delivered on April 20, 1945. Her first assignment was to Laurel, Massachusetts as a trainer. In November of 1945, she was assigned to Mitchel Field, New York. She was assigned to Griffiss Air Force Base in New York sometime after March of 1954. In December of 1957, she was assigned to Travis Air Force Base in California. By December of 1958, she was deemed excess to needs and flown to storage. She was sold in June of 1961 to Enrique Denwert of Argentina. Her Argentinean registration was assigned as LV-GXH on June 19, 1961. From 1961 until 1971, she was unfortunately used for smuggling to and from Paraguay. On one trip, she ran out of fuel in the province of Santiago del Estero and was confiscated by the province. She flew with an Argentinean provincial airline called "Empresa Provincial de Aviacion Civil de San Juan" until 1976. That year she suffered a double engine failure and made an emergency landing on the runway of Santiago del Estero. Needing an overhaul and her owners without the money to do the work, she was pushed off the runway. For the next 35 years the only attention she received was from vandals. In 2011, she was acquired by EL Proyecto B-25 Mitchell and is currently under restoration.

  • Model: B-25J-30-NC
  • Serial Number: 44-31173
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 108-37248
  • FAA Registration: LV-GXH
  • Mfg. Plant: Fairfax - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Completion Date: Early 1945
  • Delivery Date: April 20, 1945
  • Status: Under Restoration
  • Owner: EL Proyecto B-25 Mitchell
  • Location: Argentina
  • Website: http://www.b25.com.ar/
  • Notable info:


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