Yankee Warrior
B-25D-35-NC SN 43-3634 "Yankee Warrior"

B-25D-35-NC SN 43-3634 "Rosie's Reply"
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The B-25D-35-NC SN 43-3634 now flying as "Yankee Warrior" was delivered on December 17, 1943. Originally earmarked for the RAF lend-lease program, it was first assigned to the 12th Air Force, Italy in January 1944. Assigned to the 57th Bomber wing, 340th Bomber Group, she flew eight combat missions with the tail number 9C between April and May 1944. The following assignments are listed on her record card as well as the missions listed:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
12/18/1943 Hunter Field, GA Modifications
01/10/1944 Hunter Field, GA Code ELMS Italy 340 BG
02/05/1944 Casablanca, Morocco Cazes Air Base
04/19/1944 Alesan Field, Corsica 340th BG, 489th BS
5/25/1944 Alesan Field, Corsica Departed MTO for USA
09/30/1944 San Antonio, Tx Returned USA

Combat History

Mission Date Target Pilot
100 4/19/1944 Piombino storage tank, Italy Arthur A. Ammann
102 4/23/1944 Orvieto RR Bridge, Italy John G. Connolly
103 4/24/1944 NW Orvieto RR Bridge, Italy Harry H. Spears
105 4/28/1944 Orvieto SE RR Bridge, Italy S. J. Laihinen
111 5/1/1944 Albenia RR Bridge, Italy Arthur A. Ammann
Unk 5/2/1944 Orvieto N RR Bridge, Italy Roger D. MacLellan
114 5/3/1944 Todi NNW RR Bridge, Italy William R. Witty
115 5/4/1944 Castiglione/Fiorentine, Italy Harry H. Spear

The aircraft returned to the United States, leaving Ghisonaccia, Corsica on May, 12 1944. Flown by Lt. Col. Adolph E. Tokaz, she made her way back to Homestead, Florida, arriving on May 26, 1944. She left for Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas and was released to the Royal Air force in October of that same year as Mitchell II KL 148. She was delivered to Vancouver, British Columbia for use as a multi-engine trainer. In 1954, she was at the Flying Instructors School at RCAF Station, Trenton, Ontario. It was here that a landing accident damaged the original greenhouse nose and a solid nose was installed.

RCAF Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
10/01/1944 Great Falls AAF, TX Departed USA
10/03/1944 Sea Island, BC Taken on Strength
10/18/1944 Boundry Bay, BC 5 Operational Training Unit
01/21/1945 Boundry Bay, BC 22 Service Repair Depot
06/12/1945 Trenton, ONT Stored Reserve
07/31/1945 RCAF Gimli, Manitoba No. 2 Air Command, Storage
09/20/1945 RCAF Moose Jaw, SASK No. 2 Air Command, Storage
06/04/1946 RCAF Moose Jaw, SASK 10 Repair Depot, Storage
01/27/1947 Edmonton, Alberta Northwest Air Command
03/21/1947 Edmonton, Alberta 418 Aux Squadron
04/17/1950 Edmonton, Alberta 10 RD Stored Reserve
10/19/1951 Edmonton, Alberta 10 Technical Service Unit
03/27/1953 Edmonton, Alberta 25 Air Material Base
06/24/1953 Trenton, ONT TC Flying Instructor Sqdn
09/28/1954 Winnipeg, Manitoba 10 Technical Instuctor Unit
03/14/1956 Lincoln Park, Calgary Stored, Reserve
09/15/1957 Winnipeg, Manitoba Bristol Aero Industries
03/31/1958 Winnipeg, Manitoba 2nd Air Observer Sqdn
07/10/1958 Trenton, Ontario 129 Ferry & Acceptance Sqdn
01/04/1961 Dunnville, Ontario 6 RD Storage
02/22/1961 Dunnville, Ontario Awaiting Disposal

In June of 1962, the aircraft was removed from the RCAF inventory and sold to Hicks and Lawrence from Ostrander, Ontario. Provisional registration assigned as CF-NWV for the ferry flight. In June of 1968, she was sold to Richard McPhereson from New Albany, Ohio. In July of 1968, she was sold to Glenn Lamont, from Detroit, Michigan. Current registration assigned as N3774 in July 1968. At this time she was flown as "Gallant Warrior". In October 1988, she was sold to the Yankee Air Force and is now flying as "Yankee Warrior".

  • Model: B-25D-35-NC
  • Serial Number: 43-3634
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 100-23960
  • FAA Registration: N3774
  • Mfg. Plant: Fairfax - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Completion Date: December 15, 1943
  • Delivery Date: December 17, 1943 - Transferred to the RCAF in October 1944
  • Status: Flying
  • Owner: Yankee Air Museum
  • Location: Bellevelle, Michigan
  • Website: http://www.yankeeairmuseum.org/
  • Nose Art Artist: Chad Hill, Django Studios
  • Artist's Website: https://www.djangostudios.com
  • Notable info: One of just three surviving B-25 bombers with a combat history having flown eight combat missions between April and May of 1944.


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