B-25H-10-NA SN 43-4899 "Betty's Dream"
B-25H-10-NA SN 43-4899 "Betty's Dream"

B-25H-10-NA SN 43-4899 "Betty's Dream"


The B-25H-10-NA SN 43-4899 was delivered on May 18, 1944 after some modifications. She flew to El Paso, and Hunter Field before being Designated for the 13th Air Force then serving in the Philippines, she arrived there on June 22, 1944. In the Philippines, she was assigned to a replacement pool and consequently never saw combat. She arrived back in the United States in November of 1944. She was assigned to the Training Command at Kelly Field, Texas where she was attached to the inventory of the base twin engine training unit for duty. Many of the H models assigned to this training command were kept in open storage. In January 1945 she was assigned to the 1st Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, California. Here she was fitted with a glass nose for camera use. While assigned to the 1st MPU she performed a variety of air photography assignments. She was used for in flight filming of flight formations and for training units and was also used in training Air Corps cameramen in the techniques of aerial photography. The proximity to the Hollywood studios while in California also made her available for assisting civilian film makers during the war. The aircraft retained the glass nose until she was sold surplus from the military. In February of 1946, she was flown to the RFC at Altus, Oklahoma. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
06/05/1944 Hunter Field, GA Modifications
06/14/1944 Philippines Code "UCIP" 13AF
11/26/1944 Kelly Field, TX Return to US, 4121 ABU
12/06/1944 Kelly Field, TX Redesignated TB-25H
01/07/1945 Culver City, CA 1st Motion Picture
09/01/1945 Kelly Field, TX Redesignated RB-25H
02/25/1946 Dropped from Inventory Surplus

Civilian records do not show when she was officially acquired by the State Teachers College of Dickinson, North Dakota. She was listed with this school for five years between 1945 and 1950. In 1950 the recorded history of ownership is addressed when she is reportedly sold as scrap by the college. The FAA was not satisfied with the chain of ownership and in July 1955 the Chief of Surplus Property advised the new owners that the B-25 was still government property since it had been donated for educational purposes. She remained in this undecided state from 1950 until 1955 when sale was approved. By July 25, 1955, her registration of N1582V was assigned. She was again sold to the Le Franc Company of San Francisco, California in August of 1955 and her registration was changed to the current N37L. In January of 1956, she underwent an extensive executive conversion. Upgrades included an airstair, new wings with wing-tip tanks and JATO installed. She was sold in June of 1959 to Oakland Airmotive of Oakland, California who in turn sold her in September to Carrier Services Corporation of Flint, Michigan. Grimes Manufacturing of Urbana, Ohio purchased her in May of 1963. They sold her in September of 1964 to Air International of Columbus, Ohio. She was abandoned on St. Simons Island, Georgia after an in-flight engine fire. On December 24, 1970 the pilot called into St. Simons Island Airport in Georgia asking for the longest runway available due to an emergency. The aircraft landed on one engine on the wrong runway and narrowly missed hitting a smaller aircraft that was also landing at the airfield. She landed and taxied off to a remote part of the field where she was abandoned by the crew who were never found. The aircraft was sold at a sheriff's auction after airport operators confiscated it for fees in July of 1970 to Golden Isles Aviation of Simons Island, Georgia. In March of 1977, she was sold to John A Hanson of Manistee, Michigan. In February of 1980, she was purchased by the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum of Kalamazoo, Michigan. She was disassembled and trucked to the museum. In 1990, she was put on display. She currently has been restored with a "J" nose.

  • Model: B-25H-10-NA
  • Serial Number: 43-4899
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 98-21900
  • FAA Registration: N37L
  • Mfg. Plant: Inglewood, California
  • Completion Date: May 17, 1944
  • Delivery Date: May 18, 1944
  • Status: Static
  • Owner: Air Zoo Musuem
  • Location: Portage, Michigan
  • Website: http://www.airzoo.org/index.php
  • Notable info:


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