Old Glory
B-25J-15-NC SN 44-28938 "Old Glory"

B-25J-15-NC SN 44-28938 "Old Glory"


The B-25J-15-NC SN 44-28938 now flying as "Old Glory" was delivered on August 9, 1944. She was originally assigned to the 12th Air Force in Italy. There are no currently known records to indicate any squadron or unit assignments in while in Europe. There is a note of a B-25 938 flying one mission with the 379th BS 310th BG. This may be in error, and most cannot be confirmed as this airframe. As such, combat assignments if any are currently unknown. She returned to the U.S. in July of 1945 and was stored at South Plains, Texas. In 1946, she was recalled to use in an administrative role in Spokane, Washington. In June of 1947, she was assigned to administrative duty at McClellan Field, California. In 1956 she was modified by Hayes and redesignated as a TB-25N. After nearly 10 years of service at McClellan, she was retired from service in December 1957. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
08/12/1944 Hunter Field, GA Modifications
08/27/1944 Departed USA Code DUKO Italy 57BW
09/20/1944 Arrived Italy 3rd AAF Service Cmd
07/27/1945 Laurel Field, MS Return to US, Storage
02/26/1946 South Plains AFB, TX 4168 Base Unit, Storage
07/21/1946 Spokane, WA 4134 Base Unit
11/24/1947 McClellan AFB, CA 4127 Base Admin
09/18/1948 McClellan AFB, CA SARAR
03/19/1951 Wright Patt. AFB, OH 2750 Air Base Group
03/17/1952 Brookley AFB, AL Maintenance
06/03/1952 Wright Patt. AFB, OH 2750 Air Base Group
07/09/1953 McClellan AFB, CA SARAR
10/22/1954 Birmingham, AL Maintenance
01/22/1955 McClellan AFB, CA SARAR
09/03/1956 Birmingham, AL Maintenance to TB-25N
12/01/1956 McClellan AFB, CA SARAR
12/1957 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Storage
04/1958 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Surplus

On January 18, 1958 she was sold to P.J. Murray of Oxnard, California. Her registration of C7946C was issued. She was again sold in October of 1958 to Wenatchee Air Service in Wenatchee, Washington. A 1200 gallon tank was installed in May of 1959 and she was used as a fire bomber. She was removed from service in May of 1965 and her registration was cancelled. In June of 1966 her registration was reinstated when she was sold to Sports Air of Seattle, Washington. In July of that year, she was again sold to Red Dodge in Anchorage, Alaska and flown as tanker #4. In July of 1975, she was sold to Russell DeFrancesco and John Cahill of Cardiff, California. The plane was stored at the Carlsbad Airport. In October of 1978 she was sold to Max Power, Inc. of Carlsbad, California. Then again, in December of 1978, she was sold to James Ricketts where she flew as "Dream Lover". She was damaged in a forced landing near Reno Nevada in September of 1982. In December of 1993, she was sold to World Jet, Inc of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Again, in December 1994, she was sold to Flight Management, Inc. and Chaver Aviation Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was initially operated as "Spirit of Tulsa". On September 16, 1995 she first flew as "Old Glory". In August of 2019, she was purchased by David Prescott of Proair Aviation.

  • Model: B-25J-15-NC
  • Serial Number: 44-28938
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 108-32213
  • FAA Registration: N7946C
  • Mfg. Plant: Fairfax - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Completion Date: August 9, 1944
  • Delivery Date: August 11, 1944
  • Status: Flying
  • Owner: David Prescott
  • Location: Albany, New York
  • Website:
  • Notable info:


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