Special Delivery
B-25J-30-NC SN 44-86734 "Special Delivery"

B-25J-30-NC SN 44-86734 "Special Delivery"


The B-25J-30-NC SN 44-86734 now flying as "Special Delivery" was delivered on June 22, 1945. Accepted excess of military needs, she was initially flown to storage in Sacramento, California. In July of 1945, she was transferred to storage in Salinas, California. Her initial assignment was at Andrews Air Force Base. Here she was assigned to the base utility unit and used mainly for administrative duties. After three years at Andrews, she was transferredto Bolling Field. While here, she remained in an administrative role with the Air Transport Command for the next 12 years while not assigned to maintenance or modification. She was modified by Hayes in August of 1954 and returned to Bolling Field. In October of 1958, she was flown to storage. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
06/22/1945 Sacramento, CA Storage
07/20/1945 Salinas, CA Storage
09/10/1945 Andrews AAF, MD 64 Base Unit
03/20/1948 Bolling Field, DC 1 Base Unit
05/21/1948 Greenville AFB, SC 16 MSU
07/19/1948 Bolling Field, DC 1100 MSU
07/11/1950 Brookley AFB, AL Maintenance
09/01/1950 Bolling Field, DC 1100 Air Base Wing
08/11/1954 Birmingham, AL Maintenance to TB-25N
11/11/1954 Bolling Field, DC 1100 Air Base Wing
10/1958 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Storage
12/1959 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Surplus

In December of 1959, she was sold to American Compressed Steel Corp. of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her initial registration was assigned at N9090Z. In December of 1960, she was sold to Aero American Corp of Cincinnati, Ohio. In July of 1961, she was sold to Commercial Engineering and Contracting in Falls Church, Virginia. She was again sold in January of 1964 to Peninsula Piling Company of Williamsburg, Virginia. By March of 1973, she was on her way to Broad Run, Virginia with L. Douglas Hazel. In June of 1973, she was sold to Tome Whiteway of Winter Park, Florida. She was sold again in February of 1979 to Dean Martin of East Middlebury, Vermont. Her registration was changed to N600DM. In August of 1984, she was sold to Robert Waltrip of Anderson, Texas. Her registration was changed to the current N333RW in December of 1985. Now fully restored, her center section is reportedly from B-25J-20 SN 44-29839. In 2007 she was painted to resemble the B-25B flown by Jimmy Doolittle on the Doolittle Raid. She is the only civilian aircraft to feature the Doolittle Raider emblem flying as "Doolittle Raiders Special Delivery".

  • Model: B-25J-30-NC
  • Serial Number: 44-86734
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 108-47488
  • FAA Registration: N333RW
  • Mfg. Plant: Fairfax - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Completion Date: June 21, 1945
  • Delivery Date: June 22, 1945
  • Status: Flying
  • Owner: Lonestar Flight Museum
  • Location: Galveston, Texas
  • Website: http://www.lsfm.org/
  • Notable info:


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