Red Bull
B-25J-35-NC SN 44-86893 "Red Bull"

B-25J-35-NC SN 44-86893 "Red Bull"


The B-25J-35-NC SN 44-86893 now flying as "Red Bull" was accepted on August 7, 1945. Over the next two years she was used between Ft. Dix, Mitchell Field, New York and Newark, New Jersey performing administrative duties within the Air Transport Command. In June l947 she was sent to Olmstead AAF, Pennsylvania where she was modified for electronic testing. She was used at Griffiss AFB, New York for testing radar systems for the Air Defense Command. She received additional modifications and electronics and was reclassified an ETB-25K and used for more radar testing and calibration. She was attached to the 6520th Air Base Group at Hanscome AFB, Massachusetts for a couple of years until this unit was moved to Laurel, Mississippi. The last assignment for her was to the 412th Fighter Group that was operating out of Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan in 1956 through 1957. Here, she was used for instructional purposes for radar intercept crews. In December l957 she was retired and sent to storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. The following summary of assignments are listed on her record card:

Base Assignments

Date Location Notes
08/10/1945 Fort Dix, NJ 4149 Base Unit
08/24/1945 Mitchell Field, NY 110 Base Unit
04/07/1946 Newark Field, NJ 4108 Base Unit
06/29/1947 Olmstead AFB, PA 4112 Base Unit
09/15/1948 Olmstead AFB, PA 3180 WEF Sqadron
04/18/1949 Griffiss AFB, NY 3171 ERS Sqadron
07/11/1951 Griffiss AFB, NY 6530 Air Base Wing
01/14/1952 Culver Field, CA Maintenance to ETB-25K
06/24/1952 Hanscom Field, MA 6520 Air Base Wing
03/02/1953 Birmingham, AL Maintenance
06/21/1953 Hanscom Field, MA 6520 Air Base Wing
08/16/1954 Laural, MS 6520 Air Base Wing
01/22/1955 Birmingham, AL Maintenance to TB-25K
04/30/1955 Laural, MS 6520 Air Base Wing
09/07/1956 Wurtsmith AFB, MI 412 Fighter Group
12/1957 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Storage
04/1958 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Surplus

On October 8, 1958, she was sold to Abe Sellards of Safford, Arizona who converted her into a tanker aircraft. The US Forest Service used the B-25 as a firefighting tanker for only a couple of years before the type was banned in 1962. During this operational time she flew as tanker 34C. Her civil registration of N6123C was assigned in December of 1958. By May of 1959, she was converted to an agricultural sprayer. She was sold in November of 1965 to Aircraft Specialties of Mesa, Arizona. She was purchased by Cen-Tex Aviation in San Marcos, Texas and flown to Chino, California for storage. In May of 1977, she was purchased by Kansas City Warbirds of Kansas City, Missouri. She was ferried to Kansas City, Missouri and underwent a 7 year restoration. She flew as "Fairfax Ghost". On March 31, 1985, she flew the ceremonial last flight out of Fairfax Airport becoming the final B-25 to fly out of that historic location. The "Fairfax Ghost" marked the flight with the dropping of a wreath over the airport the afternoon. After this ceremonial flight, "Fairfax Ghost" flew back around and prepared for a landing to take on more fuel. As they lowered the gear, they received a warning indicating the nose gear was not locked in the down position. Landing at the airport could have ended in a nose gear failure. Since the airport was closing, this could not be risked. They flew in pattern for several hours cycling the gear trying to get the nose gear to lock. As fuel became an issue, a decision was made to fly the aircraft to her new home at Richards Gebauer Airport. As she came in for a landing, her nose gear held. Investigation into the problem determined wear on the nose gear down lock was the fault. This small metal part activates a sensor in the aircraft when the nose gear is locked in the proper position. In May of 1995, she was purchased by The Flying Bulls.

  • Model: B-25J-35-NC
  • Serial Number: 44-86893
  • NAA Mfg. Number: 108-47647
  • FAA Registration: N6123C
  • Mfg. Plant: Fairfax - Kansas City, Kansas
  • Completion Date: August 3, 1945
  • Delivery Date: August 10, 1945
  • Status: Flying
  • Owner: The Flying Bulls
  • Location: Salzburg, Austria
  • Website:
  • Notable info: On March 31, 1985, she flew the ceremonial last flight out of Fairfax Airport becoming the final B-25 to fly out of that historic location. The "Fairfax Ghost" marked the flight with the dropping of a wreath over the airport. She is Jim and Dan's first love. Jim was on the flight crew during her time as the "Ghost". She was the first B-25 that bomber builders Harry and Alice Desko flew in.


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